Customer Testimonials

Many thanks to these customers for their generous feedback!

We had a problem with a roof leak that had been going on for years and years, even after the house had all new shingles put on, the leak would still be there. For years we had to keep a bucket in the attic to catch the water and we must have emptied it a hundred times. We even had several other contractors repair it three times with promises that it was fixed yet it still leaked! Finally, we had the guys from Southern Contracting give it a try and it hasn’t leaked since. Mark told us it would never leak again and he was right, we are so pleased!
The roof above our deck was badly damaged from the hailstorm last year and they replaced all of the roof panels and they did a great job, even showing up on time as they said and cleaning up all of the mess. We also had a problem with our gutters leaking and the guys at Southern Contracting fixed that problem too. Their prices are good and they do great work.
– Gay D.


Dear Jeff,
I am really sorry it took me so long to get this payment to you.
I am really sorry you had to call me TWICE!
You are a great contractor, always giving good service and fast!
I wanted to go ahead and pay in advance for the next service.
Again, thank you for your patience and see you in October.
– Daniela


Dear Jeff,
Just three weeks ago I sent you a note thanking you for outstanding service during Hurricane Lee. When I woke up to water oozing out of my laminated wood floor – I knew the problem was caused by my neighbors unit. After I called you for service – I never expected to see Eric and Jonathan at my door in one hour.
Eric and Jonathan spent three hours draining my air conditioner line and other things – they also did the same thing to my neighbor’s unit.
I was impressed by the manner in which Eric explained the situation to my neighbor. Eric was very polite and professional unlike my neighbor.
I was also impressed by the way Eric and Jonathan work together. They are very knowledgeable and work as a team. I also appreciated your call today to make sure everything was okay. This day and age it is hard to find a business that the owner and employees really do exceptional work, are honest and care about their customers.
I have been with Southern Contracting for quite a few years and have constantly received outstanding service. So much so that I called the Better Business Bureau to let them know how pleased I am with you, Eric and Jonathan. I highly recommend your service.
Lolita G.